Two 2 Talk

Type of Job: Internship
Professional Role: UX/UI Designer, Product Designer

Two 2 Talk is a start-up and a soon to be released product/service for people to find, book and have meaningful video conversation about topics they like.

Two 2 Talk is my Second and final internship i have now when i’m studying “UX Design” at “IT-Högskolan” before i graduate this June (2022)

It’s the first time i work with a start-up project that don’t even have the product/service finished and it has been fun, challenging and have learned a lot. From start the job description was UX/UI designer, but over time i also been tester, Product Designer, Motion Designer and so on, so i would like to call my self a baby unicorn designer 😉

The Process


The first thing i did was to go through the design they had done so far and test it out. After some research about testing and how to report, i did a detailed testing and created and handed in a visual bug report i made. See pictures below

Workshop – Customer Journey

In a conversation with my boss i told him that me and colleagues from the design team on my last internship created and held a workshop for the company to make them see the app with fresh new eyes. My boss really liked that idea and the next step was to plan and hold a workshop with my boss and some colleagues.

This was a bit challenging for me because it was my first time alone to plan and hold a workshop and also in a shorter period of time than i done before and completely digital. But all went well and they all enjoyed it.

The purpose of the workshop was for the team to see the product with new fresh eyes, to see it with the eyes of a user of the product and make a customer journey. In order to make them see the product with user vision i planed a little role play for them. Each one of the staff that joined the workshop was assigned a persona based on the data they had from research about which user base they approximately will have.

During the workshop each one had to get in the role of their assigned persona and try to act and think like that persona would. Under the workshop they had different tasks to do in the app like a user would do if they used the app and then take note if they had any problems, things they liked or did not like and the thoughts they have.

Impact Effort Matrix

After the workshop me and my boss discussed about the problems they discovered in their app during the work and also what solution would be best and who should do what, we also but all the solutions in a impact-effort matrix to see what we should prioritize.

Impact Effort Matrix

Fixing the solution

After the workshop was done and we prioritized the solutions, we created work orders and start work to improve the app by fixing bugs, write better copy, design better user flows, create better UI elements to help user understand better and so on.

Here is some of my design for two 2 talk


Beside Designing the Web-app itself i also design some elements for Pitch deck presentation and produced some teaser video ads.

You can see the video ads down below.


It has been and still is a fun experience to work with Two 2 Talk, especially because its a brand new product/service and is a new experience both for me and the rest of the team. Its like an adventure or an exploration expedition for all of us with a lot of new stuff waiting for us to discover and learn from. Soon my internship period will end and new exciting adventures begins. Stay tuned and find out what it will be…

/Anders Boer


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