About me

Hm, is it me or the naked guy they are talking about…

Oooh Hey! didn’t see you there, Welcome to my website!

I speak Swedish & English and i understand basic HTML/CSS & Javascript

Nice to meet ya!

What kind of designer am i?

What do you want me to design?
I might not know how to design everything but i do love design and always want to learn more and will find a way to fix it in best possible way and continue improve it.

Technics: markers, spray cans, lace

I love both art and design, i really like testing out new technics and mixing different technics and styles to find new ways to create something . Even tho i do a lot of digital design work i do love sketching with pen and paper and making illustrations with marker pens.

Experience wise i have worked most with graphic design, creating logos, ads, posters. But now i’m studying UX design at IT-Högskolan and will Graduate soon and have collect experience within both UX and UI design. And in my portfolio section you can read more about the work i have done and see it as well.

My Toolbox

I have many years of experience working with various design tools, especially Adobe Creative suite and last couple of years i worked daily in design tools like figma, Adobe XD, Miro and so on. and of course sketching with pen and paper. I can also handle a digital system camera and work with editing raw fortmat and photo manipulation as well.

2018-2019 Ninushi Digital Marketing, Graphic designer (freelance)
2018 Ninushi Digital Marketing & Shopping Lidköping, Photographer, Graphic designer (freelance)
2017 Campus Västra Skaraborg, Graphic designer (freelance)

2020-2022 IT-Högskolan (Göteborg), UX-Designer, 400Yh-poäng
2016-2017 Campus Lidköping, Operative digital communication , 300Yh-poäng
2013 Högskolan Väst, Vector graphic and animation, 7.5Hp
2013 Nelson Marlborough institute of Technology, Culture tourism – marketing and development, 40 credit level 5 qualification
2011-2013 Campus Lidköping, Hållbar kulturturism och marknadsföring, 500YH

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/Anders Boer