Logo design

Here is some of the logotypes i have designed and a short description of them.

Logo i made for a gay club in Stockholm


Under the summer of 2017 the school “Campus Lidköping” changed their name to “Campus Västra Skaraborg”. With a new name they needed a new logo and because i was a student there and they had seen what i could do, they asked me to make the logo.

After looking at their new graphic profile, made several sketches and attended some meeting, This was the final design that now can be seen everywhere they marketing there school and at the school.


This was a freelance gig i got from two former classmate from when i study communication, the two of them wanted to start freelancing and needed a logo. They had rough idea on how their logo should look like, but needed help for the finish touch and for the vector part of it.


More info coming soon…

More info coming soon…

More logo design made by me will be added soon!
To be continued…


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